Thursday, March 20, 2008


100th Anniversary Marathon

Come and find out about this unique 'one off' Event, which will take place on Sunday 14 December 2008, and re-create the 1908 Marathon Race at Hastings.
We have many questions that we want answers for, and we need your help with this please.
Find out how you can be involved?
Entries for The Event will open at 12.30p.m.
An Event not to be Missed.
Refreshments and Food.
RSVP to 219 Harley Shute Road, St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN38 9JJ or email to:
Hastings Lions Club, Assisted by Bexhill Lions Club, Hastings Runners, Hastings A.C. and Hastings Borough Council
Friday 28 March 2008, 12 NOON
At Hastings Town Hall, Town Centre, Hastings East Sussex.
Have pleasure in inviting you to The Launch of the:-
MARATHON (1908-2008)
Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race Director
Do not forget our 100th Anniversary Marathon in December.
Visit to apply.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hastings International Half Marathon Sunday 16th March 2008

On a cloudy day, but good running weather, and after the overnight rain,
Hastings was the place to be for the U.K.'s Top Half Marathon.

After a terrific battle between World Mountain Champion Runner Martin
Cox, who did the early work, the Kenyan Challenge, fresh from Altitude
Training, made good in the final three miles.

The ladies race was also a battle between the Kenyans and previous Hastings
Winner Birhan Dagne, with the stronger Kenyan also coming out on top.

Charity Was also the Winner, with over £100,000 expected to be raised from
the Event, to benefit many needy causes.


Men. Sponsored by Hastings Borough Council.

1 Kiplimo Kimutai (Kenya)
2. Martin Cox (Bath)
3. Mike Coleman(Maidstone)
4. Adrian Mussett(Essex)
5. Jamie Atkinson
6. Tom Collins
7. Julian Rendall
8. Daniel Anderson (H.A.C.)
9. Barry Royden(Maidstone)
10. Richard Sherry.


1.. Magdalene Syombua(Kenya)
2.. Birhan Dagne (London)
3.. Alice Braham (Harrow A.C.)
4.. Naomi Warner
5.. Sarah Stradling(Essex)

U.K. Athletes Awards. Sponsored by SPAR.

Men 1. Martin Cox,2nd. Mike Coleman, 3.rd Adrian Mussett.
Women- 1. Birhan Dagne, 2d. Aalice Braham, 3rd Naomi Warner.

Sussex Athletics Championships.

1st Man Daniel Anderson(H.A.C.)
1st Women Julie Briggs.

Winner of Mini
Run Boy. Adam Clarke.
Girl Stacey Clusker.

For more detail go to website after 8.p.m. tonight
Or ring me on 01424 437001

Eric Hardwick M.B.E.

Race Director
Hastings Half Marathon

Do not forget our 100th Anniversary Marathon in December.
Visit to apply.

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