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Hastings Half Marathon Press Release Nov. 2009-11-03

SUNDAY 21st MARCH 2010.

Since the Launch of the 2010 Entry Forms in September, entries have beenarriving above the usual level, and look like hitting the 1000 mark wellahead of Christmas.

All abilities are entering, and amongst the first entrants was a First TimeTeam from Bullers Wood School in Kent. James Fisher ran Hastings for thefirst time this year, and was so impressed with The Event, that he haspersuaded another 17 Staff from The School to join him in the 2010 HastingsHalf Marathon.
Another example is Jeff Alexandre from France, who in his own words states' I joined for the second the Half Marathon of Hastings because the route isnot monotonous, the public is warm, and the charming city. I found your website by chance, because two years ago, I wanted to run a half marathon inEngland. I ended the race in 1.34 in March, and next year I would like toapproach 1.30'
His team is US Belhomert, near Chartres, and each year they organize a smallrace "La Forestiere" ,which is near the small town of Belhomert by theSenonches's Forest
But Always the most popular reason for entering Hastings, is as preparationfor The London and Brighton Marathon's.Although Hastings Fish and Chipscomes a close second!
The Event also has the pleasure in announcing that an additional SponsorAZUR, will be hosting a pre-race Pasta Party at the AZUR(Marina Seafront St.Leonards, just before the 13 mile point)on Saturday 20th March,7.p.m. toMidnight.
All you can eat for £9.95, with a Great Disco, Films from all previous 25Events, Interviews, and Super Company. Tickets available in advance.

Set your targets for 21st March now, and enter on
Enquiries contact
Eric Hardwick M.B.E.Race Director
26th Hastings Half Marathon on the 21st March 2010.Enter now at Visit

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