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28th Hastings Half Marathon - Race Summary

On another wonderful sunny and warm day in Hastings, the town again ticked all the boxes as the best Half Marathon in the UK, when 4772 runners entered.
Besides an international field of athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia, Europe, and top UK Runners, there was a mass of clubs, charities and fun runners enjoying the event.
The entertainment on the route was the best ever, and the spectators came out in record numbers to support the runners.
There was also a good race up front between Bernard Chemugo (Kenya) Tadele Geremew (Ethiopia) and Ben Fish (Blackburn, with the three contenders being together most of the race, but Chemugo drew away near the end to win from Geremew and Fish. The female race was also a tight affair with Jane Muia (Kenya) narrowly beating UK athlete Justina Heslop, after being together most of the route.
The only blight on a successful Day was South East Trains cancelling a train for 200 runners leaving Charing Cross for Hastings. It meant it was impossible for these entrants to get to Hastings for the event. Questions will be asked of SE Trains as to how this can happen to the busiest train that arrives at Hastings all year.

1.. Bernard Chemugo (Kenya) – 1:06:17
2.. Tadele Geremew (Ethiopia) – 1:06:43
3.. Ben Fish (Blackburn) – 1:07:44
1.. Jane Muia (Kenya) – 1:14:10
2.. Justina Heslop - 1:14:24
3.. Rona Loubser (Folkestone) – 1:18:54

But of course the biggest winners will be over a hundred charities and needy causes, which the organisers, The Hastings Lions Club, will be donating to them.
It is expected that over £100,000 will be raised that is known, and much more that runners will raise for their own special charity of their choice.

Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race Director,
Hastings Half Marathon
Organised by The Lions Club of Hastings.

28th Hastings Half Marathon on the 25th March 2012.
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Organisers’ of this Sunday's Hastings Half Marathon would like to remind everyone, either taking part, or helping or supporting, that with the clocks going forward one hour Saturday night, make sure that you adjust your clocks and timers.

The event starts at 10:30am on Sunday morning so it is no good arriving at 10:30 am old time as the top runners will be finishing at 11:30am approx new time, when you are just starting.

However, with modern chip timing, you could still get a finishing time, but it may be a little quiet on the route being an hour behind the rest of the field!

Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race Director.

28th Hastings Half Marathon on the 25th March 2012.


Hastings Half Marathon round up

This Sunday sees the 28th Hastings Half Marathon, organised by the Lions Club of Hastings, for the community.

After recent many Half Marathons in the area, now we come to 'The Big One', it has all been building towards, both in numbers, but especially in quality.

Ben Fish (Blackburn) is returning after his win at Hastings in 2010, and will face stiff opposition from the Kenyan and Ethiopian Athletes. It will be good to have a good race up front.

The leading female is a quality athlete Jane Muia from Kenya, who is going for the course record at Hastings (71:13), but UK Athlete Justina
Heslop (coached by four times winner Birhan Dagne), is moving up from her fast 10Km races to half marathon distance, and could spring a surprise if she stays with the pace over the early miles.

It will be interesting to see how Eastbourne Half winner Yvette Grice will finish.

Bur apart from the top of the field, Hastings has so much more to offer in character and fun. From The Extreme Ironing man Phil, William The Conqueror in full battle dress (race Number 1066 of course), the Bexhill rowers going for a world record as a pantomime horse, the team of 'Mankini's' (ladies turn your eyes away), the team running the route twice, quiz king egg head CJ De Mooi, and so many fancy dress innovations that it will seem like a carnival.

Spectators are welcome to view the Runners at many points around the Route as it circumnavigates the town of Hastings.

The route will have more entertainment for the runners, with the added addition of Battle Town Band and playing half way along Queensway, to add to the other bands, choirs and disco's, and the famous “Pots and Pans Brigade” on The Ridge.

Over a hundred charities and needy causes are represented, and it is hoped that St. Michael's Hospice, celebrating its 25 years, will raise a record sum of over £25,000.

For those taking part in Sport Relief, they will be running 13 miles instead of one, and in the Mini-Run for ages 11-16, they are running just over a mile.

The Hastings Half Marathon is for all abilities, and we wish all participants a good day on Sunday.

Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race director
Organised by The Hastings Lions Club
28th Hastings Half Marathon on the 25th March 2012.
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P.S. I was very pleased and honoured to hear this week that I have been fortunate to be chosen to carry The Olympic Torch at Hastings on Tuesday 17th July. This is a very great honour, and something I will carry with pride for

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