Monday, March 17, 2014


Pre race Press Release

The Biggest Event in the South East takes place on Sunday, with the running 
of the 30th Hastings Half Marathon.

From top international athletes, Sussex athletes in the Sussex 
Championships, charity and fun runners, the World comes to Hastings on 

Come and watch from many points along the route, and enjoy the 

Please plan your journey if you are visiting or passing through Hastings on 

Either come before 10:00am or wait until 1:30pm But the A21 and Battle 
Roads are not affected, and you can travel around inside Hastings, as the 
actual route circumnavigates the Town. Go to web site 
for more details of route.

Trains from London will be delayed due to Busses being used between 
Robertsbridge and Battle, so it is recommended that the earlier train from 
London is the best one to arrive in good time for the 10:30am start.

It is expected that over 150 charities and needy causes will be represented 
in The Event.

If you need more details for Media purposes, please contact me.

Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race Director, Hastings Half Marathon
Organised by The Lions Club of Hastings 
30th Hastings Half Marathon on the 23rd March 2014.
Also Hosting the Sussex Athletics Half Marathon Championships
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014



We are aware of the current problems on the line from Robertsbridge to Hastings, and are in discussion with SE Trains about what the situation will be on race day. The Charing Cross train leaves at 8:25am and would have been due at West St. Leonards station for 9:53am. So there is not a lot of time to play with for the hundreds of entrants for the 10:30am start, if the train is delayed and busses used. The Tonbridge train leaves at 8:40am and should arrive for 9:33am, so there is some leave way here. We will, in association with SE Trains, advise entrants next week of the action we are taking to ensure that the runners can arrive in time. This is the biggest train full of passengers to arrive at Hastings every year, and has proved very popular as the station is only 600 yards from the Start/Finish of the event.
Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race Director
Hastings Half Marathon
11th March 2014



The Lions Club of Hastings is buying 120 chairs for the San Rafael National High School in the north of Iloilo Province in the Philippines.  The school was devastated in the typhoon and all property destroyed.

Immediately the disaster occurred Hastings Lions donated £1,000 to the fund set up by Lions International and committed to donate £1.00 of each entry fee from the 2014 Hastings Half Marathon.  Each pound will go to buying a chair and there should be a surplus to donate later.

The Hastings Lions have been connected for a number of years to a member of the Iloilo Lions Club Ofelia Thom.  Ofelia is a hearing technician who receives many recycled hearing aids from the Hastings Club for her clinics with the charity Medical Missions Pacific Rim Group.

Lion Teresita G Layson, President of the Lions Club of Iloilo has emailed to say, “Thank you for your gesture of thoughtfulness and generosity.  On behalf of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan we are grateful that you are there to help”.

7 March 2014

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