Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ideal Memento and Christmas Present!

Nearly a year since the monumental experience of a lifetime, (or at least a 100 years!), with the Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon on 14th December 2008.  A unique DVD of the Event, taken behind the scenes by members of the Hastings Bonfire Society, and ONLY NOW being released for view and for sale.  Footage, showing the 1908 Event, the 2008 Event Start, and film taken at Battle(with the Father Christmas Motorbikes going by), Hastings Seafront(Morris Dancers) and the Finish.  If you took part in this unique 'one off' Event, you will want this DVD, and even if you missed out on taking part, you will want to see it.  Buy it yourself, or ask for it as a Christmas Present!  Beautifully produced in a Box, the race film lasts 33 minutes, plus there are some extras!  The cost is only £10, plus costs, you can buy it now 'online' by going to and clicking on souvenirs.  All proceeds will help the Lions Club of Hastings help others, and also support the Hastings Bonfire Society.   Eric Hardwick MBE  Race Director.  Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon(1908-2008)  Hastings Half Marathon  Hastings Lions Club.  NB.  A limited stock of the 1908 Postcard sets are also available @£3.50 per set or three sets for £10.  Plus other Hastings Half Marathon Souvenirs, like Martingales and Towels etc.  'Solve your Christmas Presents -  Just like That!'  26th Hastings Half Marathon on the 21st March 2010. Enter now at Visit

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