Tuesday, March 03, 2009


'Now for The Special One'

The Half Marathon Running season is now building up to its climax, after
seeing good Events at Tunbridge Wells, Dover, Brighton and Eastbourne, with
less than two weeks to go to the 'Special One'
There is just something about the Hastings Half Marathon that has a special
place in the hearts of the running community. But why is this?
Is it the Incredible amount of Spectators around the route?
The Atmosphere with the Bands and vocal support?
Running in the same race as Top Internationals?
The Tingle when hearing 'Chariots of Fire ' at the start?
Being able to run for your own particular Charity or needy cause?
The number of Cheerful Marshalls around the route.
The Happy Scouts and Guides dispensing water etc.
The Hot Cup of Tea/Coffee at The Finish?
The Famous Hastings Brass?
The Fantastic Red Cross Cover?
The Challenge of being a Tough Route?
The increasing popular Free Creche(ABC Family Nursery)
The Park and Ride arrangements or the convenient Train Station.?
That ALL monies raised go back into the Community.
That it is well organised by the Hastings Lions Club?
Or is it just the Famous 'Hastings Fish and Chips' afterwards!
Whatever it is, come and experience 'The Hastings Experience'
Eric Hardwick M.B.E. Race Director
Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race Director
25th Hastings Half Marathon on the 15th March 2009.
Enter now at Visit http://www.SportSystems.net/hastings

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