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Hastings Half marathon Press Release May 2010.

At a packed Azur at the Marina, for the awards evening for this year's Half
Marathon, a record sum raised was announced of monies that had been
notified to the Hastings Lions Club so far. This is the first time in 26
years that the figure has gone over £100,000.

The Winner of the Dyer Charity Shield, for raising the most money for a
cause, was the Royal Mail Sales Team, who raised £6590 for The Oliver Curd

This was part of a figure of £15,515 raised for The Trust, and St. Michael's
Hospice Runners had raised so far £18,400, and McMillan so far £4457.

Many more other needy causes benefited by the efforts of so many runners in
both the Half Marathon and The Mini-Run.

The Hastings Lions Club would like to congratulate everyone who contributed
towards raising this fantastic sum, and the Sponsors who donated over £2000
worth of prizes that were awarded on the evening.

The awards evening got of to a difficult start, with a coach of young
athletes late arriving back from a meeting at Guildford, guest presenter Tim
Hutchings flight being delayed from Manchester, and Hastings mayor Maureen
Charlesworth recovering from a twisted Back, but by amending the script the
ceremony proceeded well.

Amongst the awards were three 'Lifetime Awards'.

Tony Betley who has been with the Red Cross for the event for 26 years.

The drink station and Mini-Run baggage team of Doug Edwards and Reg Lower,
who have been supporting the event for 26 years.

The Cone Team of Reg Phillips, Jeff Coleman and Colin Mathis, who have been
carrying out their duties for 26 years.

Mike Scholes, freshly returned from The North Pole, being the first blind
person to trek a marathon to The Pole, received The Conquest Trophy, and was
interviewed by Presenter John Hollands.

The Oliver Curd Trust received a cheque for £500 from General Dynamics for
being the first charity team home.

There was a tremendous reception for a representative of 1st battalion The
Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, to receive their public Services Award.

And Neil Saddler received the Bo Peep special award for running the Half
Marathon route six times in succession.

The mayor of Hastings presented The Cinque Ports shield to the mayor of Rye.

Tim Hutchings did a great job handing over the prizes and awards, much to
the delight of the many reciprients.

But of course the big winners were needy causes.

Entries are now open for Sunday 20th March 2011 at

Eric Hardwick M.B.E. Race Director.

Hastings Half Marathon, organised by the Lions Club of Hastings.

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