Sunday, March 24, 2013


Post race summary from the Race Director

Hastings was certainly the only place to be on Sunday, for its 29th Event.
With the rest of the country suffering from adverse weather, not a drop of snow at Hastings, but it was cold but clean weather.
The weather did put some entrants off taking part, but still 3375 started at 10:30am
The race up front was one for the best for years, with at one point a chance of a rare British winner with Dean Lacey (Cambridge) battling out the lead with Peter Emase (Kenya). The Kenyan only just hanging on to win by 10 seconds.
This split the Kenyan challenge with Matthew Kumatai coming third.
The Ladies race was dominated by Polline Wanijku (Kenyan).
The Sussex County Champions were James Baker and Emily Proto, coming in 5th and 2nd in their respective categories.
The Top Finishers:-
1. Peter Emase (Kenya)
2. Dean Lacey (Cambridge)
3. Matthew Kumatai
4. Hailu Million (Ethiopia)
5. James Baker (Chichester)
1. Polline Wanijku (Kenya)
2. Emily Proto
3. Emma Richards
4. Amanda Henry
5. Samantha Alvarez
Sussex Athletics County Championships:-
1. James Baker (Chichester) Champion.
2. James Mountford (H.A.C.)
3. Daniel Anderson (H.A.C.)
1. Emily Proto Champions
2. Emma Richards
3. Samantha Alvarez
All the runners should be congratulated for tackling the tough event in cold conditions with an easterly wind making it feel a lot colder at certain parts of the route. But at least it blew the Athletes home for the final three miles.
The real heroes for the day though must be the hundreds of volunteer 
helpers, and the thousands of spectators lining the route, who were probably as cold as it could be, not let down the runners and the reputation of Hastings as The Best Half Marathon in the UK.
It is expected that £150,000 at least will be raised by the thousands of charity runners who also braved the conditions. Well done to them!
For full details go to web site and click on 
Eric Hardwick M.B.E.
Race director
Proud and Honoured to be Carrying The Olympic Torch at Hastings on 17th July 2012
Organised by The Hastings Lions Club
29th Hastings Half Marathon on the 24th March 2013.
Also Hosting the Sussex Athletics Half Marathon Championships
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